Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Oxford based Americana four-piece Reichenbach Falls

  • Name: Reichenbach Falls
  • Location: Oxford, UK
  • Genre: Americana Folk
  • For Fans of: Calexico, Iron and Wine
  • Website: Facebook

There’s a trend at the moment in music to appropriate old styles, to regress to more pastoral sounds. The current wave of faux folk is making big bucks for many a trite, tired sounding band (Mumford & Sons, Lumineers et al). But not every band is happy to bandwagoneer. Step forward Oxfordshire octet Reichenbach Falls. This is a collective of musicians thinking outside the accepted paraemeters of what is “folk” or “country rock”. This is a band more in libe with Calexico, The Byrds more rodeo friendly moments or even early CSN&Y.

All the key elements are here, mandolin, slide guitar and world weary vocals. But instead of Americana-by-numbers, this is a collection of songs that take the ideas and lead them off to more experimental territory, whilst keeping just enough toes in the water of safety. A hard trick to pull off, but one Reichenbach Falls achieve annoyingly effortlessly.