Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Winnipeg based experimental six-piece Royal Canoe.

  • Name: Royal Canoe
  • Location: Winnipeg, Canada
  • Genre: Experimental Pop
  • For Fans of: Efterklang
  • Website: Official Website

O Canada! We stand on guard for thee. It's no secret that Canada has long been a Mecca for fantastic indie-pop music - you need look no further than our recent article on the matter. Winnipeg six-piece Royal Canoe are a perfect example of the fantastic, intelligent indie-pop that is currently pouring out from Canada. Behind a smokescreen of dense, intense instrumentation and inventive arrangements, there is a recognisable indie-pop sound, complete with infectious melodies and bitter-sweet harmonies. Above all else the band have managed to perfect the delicate line between experimentation and pure indie pop.

The band are expected to release their debut LP this summer.