Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features OC self-proclaimed 'majestic rockers' The Colourist.

  • Name: The Colourist
  • Location: Costa Mesa, California
  • Genre: Indie-pop
  • For Fans of: Matt & Kim, Mausi
  • Website: Facebook

Summer is just around the corner – well, we can keep telling ourselves that – and The Colourist have their sights firmly on soundtracking those future memories, sodden with sunshine and rainbow drinks with little umbrellas. Or, more likely, your journey to somewhere where there's a chance of getting a tan. Regardless, 'Little Games' is a glistening gem, home to a resounding and uplifting chorus, replete with classic rock guitar and the carefree adolescence of a John Hughes film. The hooks that lurk here will be stuck with you for weeks, and you'll cherish every moment.