Halifax, West Yorkshire, hardly the musical home of England, or even Yorkshire for that matter. Yet gaining the inspiration to write music about anything other than the stated subject matter isn’t always as impossible as it appears, as you sit through several demos stating ones high level of hometown hatred and ones desire to escape to better pastures.

Enter TIBETAN YOUTH, at 19 the duo manage to take influence from many unexpected sources to create ethereal genius. For those who have not yet heard the pleasure they create, it can best be described as a mixture of Wild Beasts, Mount Kimbie and Luciano Paverotti. I'm sure most upon enjoying the usual array of musical talent shows have stated how well youngsters can sing beyond their years as they cover their idols. Here this isn't merely the case; they have decided to step beyond and create intelligent, rhythmic ambience which has already attracted those who’s job it is to find them for both bragging rights and personal gain. It seems though this has been made most difficult with the band releasing limited early material and playing only selected shows. Lyrically echoing love and despair, their unique maturity takes you on a journey that seems both effortless and somewhat reassuring.

The duo have managed to achieve utter perfection with their track 'Lullaby' which greets your ears as you enter their website, it's heartfelt storytelling within deep vocals and guitar tones only leaves you wanting to hear more.

After getting utterly submerged within their musical spell we thought it only fair to share this gem, and mark our words, you will be hearing them in the future. Their debut live show has much hype surrounding it, with crowds flocking at the chance to catch a live performance. Luckily enough for the people of Leeds, they'll be playing at Nation Of Shopkeepers for their next VICE launch party alongside Mmoths and Solar Bears on 30th May. Go to tibetanyouth.co.uk to hear 'Lullaby' and be suitably blown away…