Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Peru by way of America songstress, Vanessa Upson – better known as Violetness.

  • Name: Violetness
  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Genre: Noirtronica
  • For Fans of: Grimes and Björk
  • Website: Facebook

Violetness’ haunting tone shimmers through her recently released EP, Last Night In My Dreams, I Was Talking To You, a triumph of wraithlike synths and towering vocals welded together with volatile smatterings of percussion. It thumps and thwacks like a fickle tempest, with rumbling bass and shards of glassy pop – it’s an accomplished EP from a singer with the chops and clout to rival Charlotte Church’s reinvention or Grimes’ premiere effort. Violetness unfurls a revelatory trio of tracks on the EP, with the promise of great things just over the horizon. Expect her to hear her goth-tinged psycho-pop much more often.