Exposure is a scrapbook of our favourite new artists. Today's exposure features Italian Electronic artist, Wasted Nights.

  • Name: Wasted Nights
  • Location: Italy
  • Genre: Electronica, Dance
  • For Fans of: Saint Pepsi, Topaz Gang
  • Website: Tumblr

Although it's still a little early for summer nostalgia, George Rosolac's project Wasted Nights brings back 80s imagery of sunny beaches, colourful sunsets and fluorescent bikinis. 'Palm' is the latest track from this Italian-based producer (he splits his time between London and Orvieto) - softly mixing breathy strings, a mean saxophone and a drum machine snare; walking the fine line between contemporary dance music and good-ol' Italo Disco.

Whilst currently only appearing solo or as a part of the Keats/Collective mixtapes, we expect that Wasted Nights will drop an EP soon, preferably before summer is over so we can listen to it while sailing near the Italian coast with a nice bottle of wine.

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