The Merseyside political renaissance continues. With She Drew The Gun’s leftist indie pop continuing to draw praise, more acts from the North West are pumping the dank well of current events and coming up with black gold.

Liverpool’s Eyesore & The Jinx have already been featured on this channel for last year’s ‘Gated Community’, and the agit-prop punks return this week with the snappy ‘On an Island’, produced by local legend Jonathan Hartley of Clinic.

The song feels like a refreshed and raw take on The Fall, with snide asides about the UK’s entropic insularity illustrated with images of the Cross of St George draped across sun loungers, sunglasses being whipped away to reveal a very familiar pair of eyes, and signs reading "Empathy – Sold Out."

Vocalist Josh Miller says: “On an Island is a sweet and tender ballad dedicated to the cultural residue of post-Brexit Britain. Where endorsers of teeth whitener, protein shakes and 2 for 1 cocktails are as influential as the reptiles in Westminster.”

You can watch the animated video to ‘On An Island’ below.