Nottingham-based ambient-rock trio Eyre Llew have teamed up with Korean Shoegazers In The Endless Zangyang We Are to release a five-track split EP. Carrier features two songs by Eyre Llew, two by ITEZWA, and one track written by both bands.

The collaboration started after Eyre Llew’s tour of South Korea caught the attention of Seoul-based label Beeline Records who suggested the idea of organising a month-long tour exchange with ITEZWA.

Agreeing to the exchange, ITEZWA visited the UK in May 2018, which saw them playing shows across the UK and festival appearances at The Great Escape, Focus Wales and Dot to Dot. Six months later Eyre Llew made the journey to South Korea after having spent the previous month touring Japan, Taiwan, China and Singapore. During the two months touring together, the two bands became close and decided to release an EP together.

Whilst in South Korea, Eyre Llew split their time between touring and recording. Working with Korean based producer Brad Wheeler whose experience has added a new dimension; as the unsigned band have previously recorded, mixed and mastered all their music themselves. Knowing in advance what they wanted to record for Carrier, Eyre Llew decided to challenge themselves to write something new the day before recording. Single ‘Silo’ is the result of their three-hour rehearsal studio session in Seoul and beautifully encapsulates the band’s emotions and thoughts at that time. ITEZWA worked on their two tracks (‘Hero’ and ‘And So It’) whilst Eyre Llew were back in the UK, with the two bands working on the composition ‘Moeve’ together to complete the EP.

Carrier will be released digitally on15th April a 12" vinyl and CD will also be available during the five show UK release tour.