Whenever you see anything on Facebook regarding organ donation, it's usually some petty chain status where "just 10000 likes will get little Timmy the bone marrow he so desperately needs". Well, in a break from convention, an update from Facebook which allowed users to state whether they're happy for their organs to be donated in the event of their death, saw organ donor registration increase to 21 times the norm in one day.

A research team at John Hopkins noted that the day the update was implemented, organ donation registration surged from it's usual 616 daily figure to an incredible 13,012. The studies Lead Author, Andrew Cameron, stated:

"If we can harness that excitement in the long term, then we can really start to move the needle on the big picture. The need for donor organs vastly outpaces the available supply and this could be a way to change that equation."

Let's hope all those registrations do eventually end up as organ donations. If you would like to register for Organ Donation, please do so at the NHS' official Organ Donation registration page.