2013 is set to be the year of Factory Floor, what with the promise of their highly anticipated debut album that is set for a release on DFA.

'Fall Back' is the first new material from the three-piece since 2011's incendiary 'Two Different Ways', though a fabulously barbarous remix from visceral-techno diety Perc amongst others of the track surfaced last summer.

Once again the post eight minute mark is reached as the unrelenting momentum of a krautrock bulldozer veers onto a disco dancefloor, and is as wonderfully hypnotic and devastating as that scene suggests. The laconic spoken word vocals teases, between an ecstatic fecundity that the track beholds - yup it's a truly chthonic entity.

'Fall Back' is set to be released on January 15th and is now available to preorder from DFA Records, iTunes, and Rough Trade.

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