Factory Floor have kept the world waiting for their highly-anticipated debut album (due out on DFA), and, whilst today's announcement doesn't put an end to this expectancy, the devastating London-based industrial techno-trio are to release several 12" remixes of 2011's astonishing 'Two Different Ways'.

That's all exciting enough news in itself; however, a generous three remixes have been created by producer Ali Wells of Perc Trax fame, he himself a fellow purveyor of abrasive, club-shattering beats via his solo project Perc. Wells is essentially returing the favour as Factory Floor themselves provided three remixes for Forward Strategy Group recently (who can be found on Well's Perc Trax label). It all ties up nicely doesn't it?

The single will also feature a remix by Cabaret Voltaire/Sweet Exorcist co-founder Richard H. Kirk. 'Two Different Ways' is out on limited edition spraypainted CD and vinyl 12" on August 27th - limited to 100 copies on each format.