Fidgety indie-rock trio Fair Ohs return today with news of a second record, Jungle Cats, and a new single 'Ya Mustafa'. The track is supposedly based on the '50s Arabic/French hit of the same name, though almost all resemblance has been washed away via lo-fi indie twangs and synth buzzes – which ends up being no bad thing. It's led by tribal rhythms, pounding away erratically, luring you in like a snakecharmer with ulterior motives. It's apparently inspired by The Eagles and African harp music. The accompanying video features a 21st century Adonis entirely in sepia, mostly posing with his rippling muscles, but eventually holding a baby.

The record itself makes nods to the suave funk of James Brown, the Latin-tinted guitar of Carlos Santana, SoCal psych and the lost noises of North African tribes. Jungle Cats takes these influences as a foundation and uses them to beef up tales of their twenties. It's an exotic, sun-soaked trek through base human emotions, filled with saxophone harmonies, jazz samples and cultured beats. The album is out May 28th on Dream Beach, the tracklisting and video for 'Ya Mustafa' are below.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Green Apple Milk
  • 2. Citric placid
  • 3. Mayan Flex
  • 4. Sleep
  • 5. Panama Red Jets
  • 6. Ya Mustafa
  • 7. Silver Jade Mountain
  • 8. Cayman Brac
  • 9. Salt Flats
  • 10. Mountain Bombs