Scottish/American artist Faith Eliott has just unveiled the visuals for 'Lilith', the first single from their debut LP Impossible Bodies which is due out on April 19th via OK Pal Records. The album derives from Eliott's interest in Medieval Bestiaries, which are illustrated compendiums of beasts made popular in the Middle Ages, with each entry accompanied by a description and/or meaning; each song in Impossible Bodies is also associated to a mythological creature.

'Lilith' is hauntingly beautiful and mysterious, a perfect sonic fit for the character that inspired it; the clip (directed by Mario Cruzado) marries the theme of communion with nature and modern references, urging us to incorporate spirituality in everyday life.

"I was inspired to write the song after a visit to a reptile petting zoo… seeing all the snakes in glass boxes," Eliott explains. "The lyrics chronicle an explosive escape in which the snake I call Lilith breaks free from the petting zoo and spirals off into space as the world crumbles and burns behind her. It’s a song about feeling captive in an identity, specifically as a woman, but also more generally as a body. The lyrics for ‘Lilith’ are very narrative driven, so Mario (the videographer) and I wanted to make something that reflected the story without just spelling it out. We settled on the idea that I would be a sort of witchy, druidic character wandering around, looking for artefacts that would allow me to perform a spell which would allow me to escape the world/dimension/mortal body I was trapped in. It was filmed partly near my flat in Glasgow, and partly on this huge wind farm just outside the city… I made the costume, the staff, and the beaded headphones. I was going for a sort of ‘Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal meets My Little Pony’ aesthetic. To be honest, it’s not really a far cry from how I spend my day to day life anyway… bumbling around in a cape looking for shiny stuff to hoard."

Check out the video for 'Lilith' below; you should also head over to their website for a peak at Eliott's work as a visual artist.