After doing my bit for Charidee the other week and going to the Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser, which was an enjoyable evening nonetheless - though putting the Modfather on in the middle of the bill was slightly odd, even if he is getting on and wanted to go home to bed... – but that’s irrelevant. The inclusion of acts like KT Tunstall and The Magic Numbers was slightly bizarre as well, were we back in 2005? I don’t like either of them, but this isn’t a gig review, but these two acts in particular highlight my point, they are both guilty of the affliction that affects a few bands out there...fake-singing-accent-itis. Magic Numbers? From Greenford. KT Tunstall? Bonny Scotland. Let us not forget the prime offenders; Busted back in the day (now it really COULD be 2005...sigh.). Why do they all sound like they’re from the suburbs of Chicago??? It works the other way of course, let us not forget Misses Nash and Allen who were both privately educated and yet sing (or at least on their debut albums) like they’re auditioning for the part of Eliza Doolittle? It’s not the case that artists should strictly sing in their native accent, it’s all part of the image they want to project, but is it down to the marketing department in the record company determining what accent they should sing in, or is it artists messing around in the studio and the idea sticks? Who knows. I do know that it shouldn’t work the other way around – Kayne West singing “Just give me the chaaaance....”, ape-ing a British twang in Mr Hudson’s Supernova makes me want to chop off my ears. Thoughts?