It's been almost 10 years since the release of Cassie's debut single 'Me & U' and the self-titled debut album of which it sits. Despite this, 'Me & U' appears to still be a Tumblr/Soundcloud favourite - appearing in various forms since its initial release.

Hungary based producer Unravel is the latest to put his own spin on things, completely reworking the simple pin drop, bass-heavy beat and transforming it into a mellow, almost-neo-soul flavoured affair - that is until you hit the middle break where it turns into a clap-happy, foot stomping affair just enough for you to get a dance kick before switching back to its smoother former self. The majority of the lyrics have been thrown away, but the remains are chopped, screwed, ripped apart and pieced back together again into something worthy of 2015.

Be sure to check out Unravel's Soundcloud page for more reimagined R&B/Soul inspired numbers including his Bye Psyche EP, which is available as a free download along with his Cassie reworking.