Grammy-award winning, double-platinum singer-songwriter, dancer & producer Fallulah is back with a new single 'Perfect Tense,' the title track from the Danish artist's forthcoming album, set for delivery on February 26. The single is a sublime slice of pure pop, with undeniable melodies and a perfectly turned chorus, which whirls around the quirky synths & heavy bass lines.

"When writing this song it was all about capturing a mood and a vibe," Fallulah says of the release. "It felt like a polaroid quickly snapped with carelessness at a fun party. It was done in under an hour and just felt very effortless. The message of the song is to break free from a stale and uninspired state of mind. I spent many years taking myself too seriously and worrying about what other people thought of me. Letting go of those insecurities has helped me believe in myself and say yes to things that I find intimidating or difficult. I don't care about being perfect but actually find imperfections so much more interesting now. Hopefully it will serve as an uplifting anthem to everyone listening and will make them inspired to go get what they want, faults and all."

The new album was recorded in London with producer Liam Howe (FKA Twigs, Lana Del Rey, Marina & the Diamonds) and he had this to say about the collaboration: "It was in the wintery month of January 2015 when we began recording Perfect Tense. Maria, used to a nordic climate, was undeterred by the grim English weather. In fact in true Scandinavian style, she went swimming in the outdoor Lido in London Fields most mornings. Thanks to Instant Records' belief in us we were allowed to approach the record in any creative way we saw fit. It was important to keep the rawness and freshness of the demos, so each track began with the analysis of the song and then the journey of finding its sonic identity. Maria has such a precise vision of what she wants; it made my job all the easier as the direction was so clear. Maria is not just a performer and writer, but a talented producer too, and I'm proud to have co-produced the record with her. She is the polar opposite to a pop puppet; she is a musician of sharp insight and self-awareness. She knows exactly what she wants and that, to me, is of paramount importance. It almost was as if I was Maria's birthing partner (her Doula). And delivering an album can be a serious business. So I was lucky too that Maria, on top of being so talented is also one of the loveliest humans I know. We have put so much into this record I can't wait for it to be released into the wild; please come join us on the journey."

The Perfect Tense album will be released through music legend Richard Gottehrer's NY label, Instant Records - marking the first time Fallulah has released outside of Scandinavia (pre-order it here).