Hailing from Gdynia, Poland, indie rock trio Judy's Funeral released their first EP via their bandcamp site earlier this year.

On the five track EP, cheekily titled Four Track Extended Play, bandmates Filip Rojek (drums), Piotr Piórkowski (bass/guitar/vocals), and Marcin Lewandowski (bass/guitar/vocals) marry noise rock and shoegaze into exciting songsthat take their time building and swirling together. At times Judy's Funeral dabble into a punk pop sound, never straying far from the sprawling soundscapes that they promise. By the time the nearly ten minute epic EP closer, 'Before You Fade Away', descends first into guitar arpeggios and then white noise, I was ready to start over again at the beginning.

I don’t see a link to buy this yet, but this is one band worth checking back on.