If someone offered you the opportunity to have 'The Best Night Of Your Life?' it would be difficult to turn them down, wouldn't it? The only thing that can make a situation like that even more intriguing is a lack of details, and that's what Blackberry are offering you.

In fact, they're offering you and five of your friends that opportunity, which s pretty cool when you think about it. Personally If I were to win (which I'm not sure I'm allowed to) I wouldn't bring anyone. I'd experience it on my own and pick five people to tell how much fun I had to make them feel bad. Just me?

Anyway, like we said, the details regarding the night are pretty slim right now, but if this video is anything to go by, it will probably be an attack on all the senses. Once you've given it a look, make sure you enter the competition.

This post has been sponsored by Blackberry, but all thoughts are our own.