Label: Moshi Moshi Website: Well I never, a double a-side. Whatever happened to those? Anyway, Sweden via London based Fanfarlo have gone and released a cracker in the form of new single 'Drowning Men' and 'Sand And Ice'. Side one- we'll say- 'Drowning Men', somehow combines Arcade Fire with Ed Harcourt's emotive and strained vocals, and it really is as good as that sounds. It doesn't matter that you can't really decifer the at times slurred lyrics, there's more than enough pounding bass and piano, a sing-along ending and even some good old fashioned hand claps to keep you occupied. What more could you want for a single? Well another single equally as good, actually. 'Sand And Ice' starts in much the same way, a building piano and bass, only trade the Ed Harcourt vocals for a bit of Shout Out Louds and you have yourself a fine head-bobbing march. Sand And Ice may not be as impressive as 'Drowning Men' but it's much more charming and endearing, it will certainly bring a smile to your face as bob quietly along to yourself. Rating: 8/10