Website: As the seasons begin to change and Autumnal colours start to show in what people wear, as well as what we see in the park, there's a place for a special kind of music; warming, comforting and not brash or abbrasive. The new single from Fanfarlo, 'The Walls Are Coming Down' fits those requirements with a craftsman's precision. The London-based Swedish/British indie collective have given us a single that makes the listener want to hear it again and again. The smooth musical tones of trumpet, violin, mandolin, guitars and percussions gradually pick up the listener and opens up to a lilting melody that is surely impossible to not nod ones head to? The Walls Are Coming Down must be the musical equivalent of comfort eating. Comfort listening - has it existed before now? - is performed by competent, professional musicians who sound s if they're having a ball in the studio. My only gripe is that The Walls Are Coming Down is not the strongest track on Fanfarlo's debut album, Reservoir. Are they saving the best until later? Or have they decided to save the best for the album-buying public? If my only gripe is that Fanfarlo have chosen to put out an A- track instead of an A+, there's really not a lot wrong here, is there? No, not a lot wrong here at all. The Walls Are Coming Down is a pleasurable, funky, foot-tappingly excellent blend of addictive audio experience. Somehow it suits the late September/early October mood; it's the equivalent of that long comfortable scarf that you might wear out in to a crisp, clear morning. If you're interested in watching an accompanying but slightly off-the-wall video, check out the official Fanfarlo clip on YouTube. It features a replicated Harry Houdini Hanging Straitjacket Escape stunt, performed, as the band perform The Walls Are Coming Down, by Roslyn Walker. Rating: 9/10 Info: September 28 – Manchester, Deaf Institute 29 – York, Fibbers 30 – Glasgow, ABC 2 October 02 – Middlesbrough, Westgarth 03 – Nottingham, Bodega 05 – Oxford, Jericho Tavern 06 – London, Bush Hall 07 – Brighton, Hanbury Ballroom 08 – Cardiff, Clwb Ifor bach 09 – Leeds, Brundenell Social Club