Many people have joked about having entry exams for buying gig tickets to weed out the ticket touts, but on Monday a few Vaccines fans felt the wrath of local police for not knowing the singer's name, or the title of their latest album.

According to the Daily Mail (via Stereoboard) six people were denied entry to the gig (at Cymru) based on failing a music-based test. The reason why this happened? Well according to the police, they received a tip-off that criminals and pickpockets would be in attendance.

"You can't just go ejecting random people from queues just for not knowing information on band discography. I haven't even had an apology," says Andy Bellis - one of the people denied entry. "I got to the door with my tickets and we were pulled aside by security who asked us, 'Do you know the name of the band you're seeing tonight? We said 'The Vaccines', and he asked us if we could name their lead singer. I couldn't think of his name off the top of my head and then he asked us to name their albums and I didn't know them either. I felt a bit intimidated and under pressure. That’s when he said, 'You're not allowed in then’. I thought they were joking at first as I've never heard of anything like this in my life."

Not only that but one teenager was refused permission to take her insulin kit into the venue.

The most shocking thing here is why anyone would want to see them in the first place.