In what's possibly an attempt to troll Microsoft, "fans" are petitioning them to bring back the restrictive DRM policies previously planned for the Xbox One, such as online check-ins and demolished ownership rights.

"This was to be the future of entertainment," writes campaign leader Dave Fontenot. "A new wave of gaming where you could buy games digitally, then trade, share or sell those digital licenses. Essentially, it was Steam for Xbox. But consumers were uninformed, and railed against it, and it was taken away because Sony took advantage of consumers uncertainty."

"We want this back. It can't be all or nothing, there must be a compromise."

Although some of the support for this petition could be genuine, the most 'liked' comments in the petition's comment section are drenched in sarcasm sometimes calling out the support for the PS4 instead. Why anyone would legitimately want such restrictive DRM policies is beyond me, but I wouldn't count on Microsoft re-reversing their decision .