This is the sound of Fantastic Fantastic. So good they had to name it twice, the project came about as an inevitable product of the DJing adventures of members Kris and Micke. In transitioning from DJ duo to production duo, the two seem to have made the right choice - or so we can tell from this awesome first glimmer of their music, 'Never Enough'.

Triumphant synths crossed with almost-whispered vocal hooks give this an undeniable air of retro pop perfection; the bassline in particular - meaty, funky, ever-so-lightly slapped - imparts a swaying groove, just a hint of reggae rhythm, that pairs up with the sure simplicity of the beat for a particularly '90s-electronic-pop aesthetic done with cool finesse and clean production. It's well catchy too: you'll find "never enough, never enough" spinning and spinning in your ears. In a good way.

With the track out soon, it'd be criminal if Fantastic Fantastic somehow slipped under the radar. Here's to music and those who make it (imagine glasses clinking)!