I've tried to push for this one a bunch of times but we've never been able to pull it off. "The All-Friends Family Name Drop Ego Band." All my friends in England pitching in and making this big 20 or 30-piece supergroup to back me up.

Dudes from Jonquil, old Youthmovies family, Trophy Wife, Solid Gold Dragons, Fuck Buttons, all Blessing Force and Try Harder pals, Foals, Pet Moon, House of Brothers, Phil Holmes, Woody, the good Mike Ferrington, the English boys, sweet Vicky from Blanket singing melodies with Eugene McGuinness, Valeska and Chok and Amy Woo and Tom Katsumi doing four-wall visuals; three drummers, nine keyboardists, a glass harmonica, shin bone percussion, a thousand pedals (and a thousand rose petals to stand on), steel bass drums... just a massive, full-stage endeavor with me in front playing four-string guitar and babbling stupidly about dumb, romantic America crap... "blah blah blah girl's name blah blah blah name of highway in rural zone blah blah blah 'mood-infused' imagery blah blah blah something that sounds deep but doesn't mean anything blah blah blah unfunny joke about ponies blah blah blah over-repeated utterance of the word 'motherfucker'."

Lights, costumes, wine in waterfalls! It would be like Phantom of the Opera meets CATS! meets an obnoxious info-mercial meets Charlie Sheen coked-out of his skull and ego-ing forth into the wild, wild stratosphere.

Of course it's too expensive to tour that way and we'd have to be funded by a label the size of Daddy Warbucks Inc. or the fucking illuminati but it's still a dream and I still try to make it work every UK tour.

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