ANGO recently presented us with the huge sounding follow up to his debut EP Another City, in the form of Sperntine (which you can grab here), and to celebrate we got ANGO (aka Andrew Gordon Macpherson) to briefly talk about his 'Fantasy Band' line-up.

Check it out below his recent video for 'Paralyzed', which was produced by Prison Garde & Eames.

I love Mick Fleetwood's drumming. I would pair him with John McVie, but Carol Kaye's work with David Axelrod lands her in the bass position.  

Stevie Wonder and Vangelis on dueling Yamaha CS80s. Stevie would bring the funk and VanG would bring the blade running.

Prince is the best show I've ever seen so he's on guitar and vocals and Sade on lead vocals of course. Might be too big for her subtlety though...I would probably settle for Prince and/or Sade fronting any of my favourite bands. Sade and the Revolution... actually, Sade and the Revolution may be the one. If she hadve gotten on more of that Linndrum/oberheim stuff that would be my shit. Actually, that's sort of what my music is going for I think!

Who would make it into your fantasy band? Let us know in the comments section below!