Band Name: "It's a Celebration, Bitches"

  • Members
  • Teena Marie with Beyonce's stage presence (lead vocals)
  • Prince (guitar, vocals)
  • Stevie Wonder (piano, vocals)
  • Herbie Hancock (syth)
  • Questlove (drums)
  • The Temptations and The Supremes (backing vocals)
  • Bootsy Collins (bass)
  • Andrew Woolfolk from Earth, Wind and Fire (saxophone, flute)

As we started thinking of artists for the band, it developed a funky flavour. We like to imagine that the group was put together by Rick James, who gave them their name. These are all musicians that we really respect - there are so many artists that could go in other versions of fantasy bands but we wanted to make sure everyone would blend together well. (Let the record state that Ferren wanted to add Will Ferrell on cowbell but the idea was rejected.)


Be sure to check out the band when they play the Shacklewell Arms on November 28th.