UK indie rock quartet Far Caspian may just be at the embryonic stage of their music trajectory, but their charming sound encompasses the intricacies and understandings of a life already fully lived. And while these 20-something year-olds stationed in Leeds are still figuring it all out themselves, their sonic tone is definite, landing somewhere between the styles of tranquil shoegaze and warm dream pop.

On their new single ‘Let’s Go Outside’, which is exclusively premiering on The 405, the group navigates through a summer daydream with introspective beauty written all over it. Capturing the themes of isolation and withdrawal from those closest to you, the track bridges the gap between airy indie-pop proclivities and the innermost threads of undiluted indie rock. Lyrically speaking, the band dives headfirst into personal experience, giving listeners a space to ruminate about their own reflections and complications. On the other hand, the band’s rather buoyant sound waves surely dismiss any negativity, permitting the listener to become motivated by their own actions and quests. As a distinct whole, Far Caspian channel a wealth of aural echoes on ‘Let’s Go Outside’, managing to provide their endeavor a completely unique and genuine heartbeat to live by.

Frontman Joel Johnston recently moved to England from Ireland and shared with us the basis of the track's personal themes: “Although it's a pretty upbeat instrumental, the lyrics touch on depression and feeling far from something you could call home. The whole EP is loosely based on my experiences of moving to England and feeling a disconnect to living in a new city for the first time. We recorded and mixed the track, along with the rest of the EP in our basement. When we were doing 'Let's Go Outside' there was a crazy snow storm going on, I think it was about 1 degree in that room. Maybe that's why it's a bit faster than the rest of the tracks.”

Far Caspian is made up of lead singer Johnston, Nath Sayers on guitar, Alessio Scozzaro on bass, and Jof Cabedo on drums. ‘Let’s Go Outside’ follows the band’s first single, ‘Holding On’, which was released in May. Both tracks will be part of their forthcoming EP due out later this year. Here’s your first listen to ‘Let’s Go Outside’ below. And after you give it a spin, take heed to its title and go enjoy life outside a computer screen.