Leeds hazy indie-rock trio Far Caspian have shared their sophomore EP The Heights. The new EP features five songs in total including the previously unreleased tracks, ‘These Times’ and the self-titled track. The Heights is comprised of a collection of deeply introspective tunes that convey much exultancy for listeners. Absorbed by the reflections of lost, love, and life, Far Caspian craft music that seeps into the mind, heart, and soul. It’s a salient effort, expanding upon their lyrical and musical abilities found off their debut EP Between Days released just a year ago. Sonically, the new tracks oscillate between dreamy cadences, bedroom-pop accents, and lo-fi echoes. The Heights serves as the idyllic cure to break through late-night loneliness or daytime blues.

The 405 caught up with the band that revealed this about the songs off The Heights.

01. ‘Conversations’

‘Conversations’ came right before the deadline for the EP mix submissions. We had 4 songs but we really wanted a 5th and I managed to find it somewhere at 3am a week before everything was to be finished. It was a drum machine song so I just recorded all the instruments that night and did vocals and mixed it the next day. Definitely the easiest song that's came along so far.

02. ‘Astoria’

This is definitely our 'poppiest' track. We were listening to a lot of 70's music and were really inspired by that sound. It's the first song that we've written about love in a positive way and I think the style of instrumental influenced that.

03. ‘A Dream of You’

We wanted to expand on the synths sounds for this EP so for ‘A Dream of You’ we kinda just decided to make it a synth based song as opposed to guitars with synth underneath. It's a song about feeling abandoned and it was cool to use the synth melodies to express that feeling and not just relying on the vocals to carry it.

04. ‘These Times’

‘These Times’ is a bit of a Frankenstein song. Each element of it was taken from different demos done over the last year. For me it feels like a good way to sum up how we've been feeling through this period of writing and touring.

05. ‘The Heights’

Last summer when we were starting to think about doing a second EP I knew I wanted it to be called The Heights. So going into the writing process we always had that name in mind. It felt appropriate to finish the project off with this song. It's our most stripped back and lo-fi song and it was so much fun to record. It felt like each part had its own meaning and purpose in the track rather than recording a load of different parts. I'd say since recording and mixing this song I've definitely learnt that less is more.

Far Caspian is the made up of vocalist/rhythmic guitarist Joel Johnston, drummer Jof Cabedo, and bassist Alessio Scozzaro. The Heights is available now via Dance To The Radio.