Back in the early summer we brought you 'Let's Go Outside' from Leeds outfit Far Caspian; a glistening blast perfect for the season. Now that we're undeniably into autumn, those tones might seem less appropriate - but luckily Far Caspian are on hand again to provide the perfect soundtrack for these shortening days and encroaching coldness. Their new track 'Blue' is resplendent with longing tones, both in their emotive guitar lines and in singer Joel Johnston's explicitly downtrodden mood in his words and singing.

Talking about the inspiration for 'Blue', Johnston says “The track itself is about unrequited love, and being consumed by being so close to a person, yet knowing that your feelings wouldn't be reciprocated... My good pal Milhouse Van Houten was the main inspiration for the song.”

Whether Johnston has a secret tape recorded by Milhouse (who gets the talent from his father, obviously), or whether it's just The Simpsons character's perennial feeling of being unwanted that has inspired him, the result is gold. In 'Blue' Far Caspian have created a ripely floating indie-pop track that takes tangled emotions and makes them aerodynamic. As Johnston unspools his wretchedness - and his guts along with them - the band glides on effortlessly, pushing forward into the horizon's orange glow, which reflects gloriously from beneath Johnston's repeated admission that it'll never work.

Listen to 'Blue' below.

'Blue' will be released tomorrow, October 10th, via Dance To The Radio. Their EP Between Days is expected in the very near future too. Far Caspian have a few live dates coming up:

Thursday 11th October at The Finsbury, London for Indie Shuffle at Blogtober
Thursday 1st November – supporting Her’s at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Saturday 17th November – ‘Live At Leeds presents Ones To Watch’, The Wardrobe in Leeds