Norwegian alt-pop artist Farao is just a month away from the October 19th release of her second album Pure-O, and as we count down to its release she's shared a third single from the album called 'Marry Me'. Much like previous songs 'The Ghost Ship' and 'Lula Loves You', 'Marry Me' is an irresistibly catchy piece with an intriguing idea at its core, as she explains:

"'Marry Me' is about the neurotic impulse to want to possess a person through the institution of marriage, ultimately trying to escape yourself by attaching to others.”

Galloping synths underpin 'Marry Me', quickly scooping up the listener and taking them on a fantastical voyage through infinite potentials of love - even if there is a slightly unhealthy element underpinning it. That gets brushed aside in Farao's charming and rapt vocal, carelessly floating through the track, soon enjoined with glittering string melodies and atmospheric whooshes. The irresistibility continues to build as 'Marry Me' goes on, with Farao adding more layers of beauty to underscore her deviously devoted vocal.

The track also comes with a beautifully scenic work-out esque video shot in many interesting locations. Check out 'Marry Me' below.

Farao's new album Pure-O comes out through Western Vinyl on October 19th and she's got a few live dates planned around that time too:

Oct 17th - Sebright Arms, London, UK
Oct 28th - Turnzimmer @ Uebel&Gefährlich, Hamburg, Germany
Oct 29th - Maze, Berlin, Germany