Farao recently made a stunning comeback with recent single 'The Ghost Ship', and today has announced the release of her next album: it's called Pure-O and will come out through Western Vinyl on October 19th.

She has also shared a new single called 'Lula Loves You', and she tells us: “Loosely based on the movie Wild At Heart by David Lynch, ‘Lula Loves You’ is about resilience in the face of adversity – fighting for something in less than ideal conditions."

The Norwegian singer's voice acts as a beacon of hope through this tumultuous track, her human ideas and worries slipping their way between twinkling chimes and burbling synths. Farao shapeshifts from worried to wisened, becoming bolder along with the song itself, as it climbs to its euphoric climax. The feeling at the conclusion of 'Lula Loves You' is one of hopefulness and excitement for the future, regardless of the tribulations that will come - the love that you give and receive will get you through.

'Lula Loves You' also comes with a video directed by Farao herself. Check it out below.