Anohni - 'Drone Bomb Me'

She has the greatest voice! I think it's one of the best political album I have heard in years. She manages to discuss very tough subjects with humanity, but it never feels overwhelming or tearful. The song 'Crisis' might also be my favourite.

Sampha - 'Timmy's Prayer'

I have always loved Sampha's voice, and it's a pleasure to see him coming up with a new song. And this one seems to be a bit of a departure from what he did before, so it's exciting. I love the unexpected change in the song before the end.

Sufjan Stevens - 'Fourth of July'

It could be nearly every song from this album, it's such a great one. When this album was released, I didn't really get into it, but it grew in me a lot. I like albums that do that.

RyX - 'Only'

I had the pleasure to open for him at his last parisian show. It was magnificent, it felt very intimate and honest. He has a great chemistry with his two musicians. I would love to see this show again!

PJ Harvey - 'The Community Of Hope'

I saw her live two weeks ago in Paris and the show was amazing, she's still doing her own stuff, and she's still relevant. What an inspiring artist!

Faroe's new video 'A Lot Better Now' is online now.