Shoes say a lot about a man. There are a lot of shoe quotes I could insert here but I'll spare you. From the classic Church's brogue to this year's much hyped Nike Air Max's; shoes have long been intrinsic to an outfit and should never ever be overlooked. Take heed, a bad pair of shoes is like a bad smell, it lingers in a room making everybody uncomfortable. The thing is with shoes is that they can also pull everything together; if the shoes re good then everything's usually gravy, which pretty much makes them the most important investment of the season.

Fortunately there are some good footwear choices around and I'm going to start with the not so humble boot...

You can make boots do a lot of the legwork for you (pun intended). When the streets fill with composting leaves then grubby snow that later becomes a murky sludge boots can come in very handy. They keep the toes dry, stop you from falling on your arse and have an attractive noble kind of sturdiness to them. These hawthorne oiled leather boots from heritage brand Red Wing are a pretty safe bet.

Based on a design that was originally created by this Minnesota work boot company in 1919, they're proving that style never goes out of fashion. The light soul and rounded toe make them look more suitable for urban jaunts that hillside rambles, but they'd hold up well in either case. They're like the result of a Clarkes Original meeting a Timberland, making a kind of style meets substance meets a bit of pizazz thing happen. Basically it's a win-win.

Let's face it, we've all looked down to encounter shoes so ugly they're the aesthetic equivalent to an elbow in the face. Think a garish loafer or square toe. Looming cold icebergs shoes wait in the darkness of your wardrobe with the ability to sink what could have actually been a decent look. But there's absolutely no need to sink this Autumn/Winter if you invest wisely.

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