The Baftas weren't the only place to see glamorous gowns at the weekend. On Saturday I popped into Busardi's show and boy did I get to see some nice frocks. As somebody who's more comfortable in trainers than stilettos and tends to stick to minimal or pared back looks even for evening, the idea of a floor length gown both fascinates and scares me. It's like the dressing version of making a soufflé, it can be amazing if done right but a deflated mess if you get the steps wrong.

At Busardi the ingredients seemed to be pared back hair tucked behind the ears, bold lips and some well- balanced styling to let these striking dresses take center stage. What can be learned here? A fashion lesson that doesn't just apply to red carpet dressing. Glamour is about grabbing attention for the right reasons and statement pieces, whether a bold hat, shoe or a dress as intricate as these, should be worn with consideration and balance. Let the colour do the talking a la Lupita Nyong. She wore that dress, it didn't wear her and she won. That is how you turn heads, whether on a red carpet or queuing in Tesco.