Paris is purple and you will be too.

Over in (arguably) the world's most romantic city, amongst the espresso sipping, Paris Menswear is taking place, and the collection that caught my eye the most is... Dries Van Noten.

For AW 2014, Dries Van Noten have presented a striking streetwear collection of innovative tailoring - a juxtaposition of androgynous peasant blouses and sporty trainers. However, what really stood out was the colour purple. In a collection that includes some gorgeous hues - that slightly '70s acidic green's so crisp - purple tie dyed jackets were a bold statement and the easier to wear jumpers are definitely going to see some high street copies. The item that made me shout WANT (yes I know I'm not a man) though is the incredible oversized purple coat. If this coat was wine it would be a Chateau Margaux, sipped in the bar at Hotel Le Bristol. You get my drift.

The purple elements in this collection are reminiscent of a rave in a vineyard (yes I've done this) and that's why purple's a great colour; it is opulent yet fun. It's also the colour for 2014, according to Pantone. To be precise it's...drum roll... radiant orchid, which is purple not rampant orchid or radiating orchid as I've read it as a few times, oops. Pantone claim that this is "captivating, magical, enigmatic purple," and they are the authority on colour trends. To be fair it's an eye catching and inviting colour and, dare I say it, quite sexy.

As somebody who doesn't struggle to form an opinion (I'm not opinionated honestly) I have to say that I'm still perplexed. Is this wearable? Erm, maybe it is? Maybe a spot of purple will be just the ticket come next autumn. If it's good enough for prince then pass me the Ribena...