The sports label Fila conjures up a range of contrasting associations. Firstly it's as symbolically Italian as Ferrari but in contrast this label doesn't make me think of the hilltops of Umbria or the long crystal clear Amalfi coast line. This is probably partly because it's now owned by a South Korean Company. Fila takes me back to a grey school playground where we would sport this labels as nineties children, along with our Adidas Stripes and Kappa poppers. Then later it makes me think of the grey streets of Manchester as many students donned a tracksuit to lurk around the basement clubs and the attic of The Star and Garter.

Anyway, that's enough of me reminiscing about my educational years (in more ways than one), my point is that Fila has become somewhat overlooked in the recent old school sports wear resurgent as part of a nineties nostalgia that, although not unwelcome, seems a little premature. This seems odd because this label is bold but also a little slicker than some of its sportswear counterparts.

I base my case for Fila on the fact that it is, when compared to other sportswear, it's quite tasteful and almost smart even. That simple logo and classic colour palette - based on classic navy - make this label a go to for smart casual. A simple Fila t-shirt or classic jacket is an easy way in for even the most novice retro sportswear sporter and allows for a playful juxtaposition of tailoring and urban casuals that nods to the sports lux collections dominating right now.

My next point is that classic Fila items seem to be pretty durable. I base my case on personal experience. I recently stumbled upon a pair of '90s Fila Trailblazers in a Lewisham charity shop. They are unnecessarily chunky, like most Fila trainers and have a walking boot sturdiness that means my feet have stayed as dry as the Sudan during the recent monsoon-evoking weather. These shoes are so good that Fila and Footpatrol reissued them a couple of years back.

So what's happening with Fila now? Well, their 2013 heritage collection's a definite winner, with the classic sweater and t-shirts being offered in simple tones, alongside that infamous parachute tracksuit and of course, the Varsity trainers. The styling's a little loose and lack lustre but these simple pieces will stand the test of time in most wardrobes. Fila, we're feeling ya.