House of Cards designer Ashiya Omundsen has drawn inspiration from everybody's favourite animation meets live action basketball comedy, Space Jam, for their latest AW14 'All Time' collection. Bill Murray's in this film sporting an umbrella hat, so it's obviously a great source for style references. Plus this bonkers bit of film making is based on a Nike ad, so it all started with fashion really and just kind of escalated.

This isn't the first collection to draw inspiration from the whacky world of animation, Lazy Oaf's collaboration with Warner Bros for their Lazy Oaf x Looney Tunes indicated a surprising but none the less fun sub-trend - the bugs bunny fur coat is a marvel. Taking the theme less literally than Lazy Oaf, House of Cards' collection is still definitely cartoon inspired with bright pastel hues, loud typography and fiery basketball motifs. It definitely contains some pieces that will ensure you smile whilst wearing them.

Space Jam is an awesome film for so many reasons: R. Kelly's 'I Believe I Can Fly' soundtrack, Michael Jordan's extended arm slam dunk, Danny Devito voicing Schwackhammer, the three and a half minute Space Jam Montage. This collection's a stylish and welcome reminder of this fact. Plus, it's an excuse to watch it again (not that we really need one).

Designers take note; if you fancy basing a collection on Jurassic Park or Buffy or Jumanji I'm all ears.

This collection will be available online from March.