We finally get to see the 19-piece collection M.I.A is designing for Versace's Versus line. Ever since the rumour mill started churning a fair while back there's been eyebrows raised and hands rubbed together in anticipation. Versace and M.I.A makes sense. Fact. Neither is a wallflower hovering about in the shadows. They're more a punch to the jaw than a polite tap on the shoulder. Versace certainly isn't Celine, it is Italian opulence to rival The Vatican.

The bonus news is that M.I.A is basing the collection on counterfeits. She must have bought Donatella a swimming pool full of fake tan to swing that one, since Versace have long been known to take the protection of its iconic Italian branding very seriously. Of course M.I.A has explained her decision, "Versace's designs have always been copied, now it's Versace that copies the copies," she says. "So those that copy must copy the copies." Erm, so who's copying who then?

Seems Donatella is 100% into this collaboration, as she's commented: "I adore the energy of the street, so when M.I.A. proposed to expose the issue of counterfeit Versace pieces by creating a collaboration inspired by these items, I thought it was an incredible idea." Versace is about to recreate a recreation of their original pieces, provoking Baudrillard's idea that simulation destroys the distinctions between reality and representation to produce a hyperreality. Is M.I.A (re)creating a hyperreality for Versace? Do we care? We'll see on the 16th October when the collection's finally released.

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