What do you associate with Coney Island? Boardwalk Empire, streetcars, hotdogs, The Warriors? Having been somewhat neglected following World War 2, the amusement parks on the island are more Blackpool than Busch Gardens.

Personally, I love a run-down old seaside resort with those garish neon signs, often disturbing bleached plastic figures, candyfloss and kooky characters perched on benches ducking from the overly zealous seagulls. Fortunately, so do Jack & Jones, who drew inspiration for their AW 13 Originals collection from Coney Island's old 7-8-9 amusement park's kitsch charm.

Don't worry this isn't laughing clowns or Strictly Come Dancing, they looked at the eerie sense of otherness these old resorts conjure up and the feeling of adventure you get when exploring them to inspire this autumnal collection. What makes this collection really stand out is the incorporation of some 'all the fun of the fair' elements such as aztec, animal and camo prints. From the caps to the faded shirts and quilted jackets, this collection's fresh and swerves away from garish like a runaway roller coaster this season.

You can view the collection by heading here.

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