I love black. Black is a failsafe colour for looking slick. Even when the sun shines in London (sometimes it does) I will happily sit in the park in a gothed-up ensemble, because a uniform of black somehow makes you feel strong. If you wear all black it's important that you pay attention to the finer details. The materials you put together and layering of different proportions is important and can make a pretty bold statement.

Malaysian designer Joe Chia seems to know this all too well. His bold Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, Chapter 04, is influenced by violence and the street and it does feel rather like being clouted in the face down a dark back alley but maybe in an exciting video game way, not real life. As the numeric title suggests, this collection is harsh and utilitarian. The huge cocoon silhouettes, fabrics, drop crotches and exaggerated sleeves and shoulders make this a bold collection - putting 'spring pastels' and 'summer brights' in the bin.

"It's a different message which we wish to portray even as we are inspired by military elements," says Chia. It's a new uniform for all of us. This collection is about peace, making love instead of war. The realization that violence does not solve issues and changes start from us."

This is a black uniform for the knowing individual.