If I was to tell you there will be more designer x high-street collaborations in 2014 you'd roll your eyes and go 'no shit Sherlock' (or something more polite). So, what if I was to tell you that a certain collection is going to have you all pondering pink camouflage print? Talented young designer Joseph Turvey's collaborated with high street retailer River Island is set to produce one of the most refreshing high-street designer collaborations for a far while (sorry H&M) with some patterned sportswear that's towing a line in gymnast fashion by being wearable but totally eye catching at the same time.

Joe Turvey's not shy when it comes to creating eye-catching illustrations and screenprints, and his talent's obviously caught the eye of the peeps at River Island. This should be cheered because the collection that's resulted is a fascination mix of utility and camouflage in soft hues on jersey and neoprene. This is luxe sportswear that's feels like it's been worn by somebody running through a meadow to their destination - the type of grey estate featured in the video. It is sportswear softened and surprising in a 16-piece collection that's accessible and desirable; as coordinating pieces or outfits or as statement separates. Neither camouflage or sports luxe are new to us but Joe's combination feels fresher than a field full of daisies or a new car deodoriser, depending on where you are and that.

The collection was presented in film form at LCM last week and it's made pink camouflage more desirable than a cream egg this easter.