So Kanye's jumped ship from Nike to Adidas but he's missed a trick you know. If he'd been really smart he would have opted for Kappa. Synonymous with 90s press stud trousers and chunky white trainers, this label may at first seem to be a rank outsider but on closer inspection this partnership would make a lot of sense.

That man and women back to back logo is quite brazenly sexy and Kanye likes brazenly sexy - see his latest video. If you cover the heads that logo looks like a woman sitting legs akim(Kardashian)bo. The label's Italian - like many great design houses - and sports cars Kanye likes. Kappa has sister brands that sound like Kanye song/album titles - Robe di Kappa, K-Way, Superga, AnziBesson, Lanzera and Jesus Jeans. Hello, Yeezus Jeans! There even alliteration with Kappa and Kanye!

Kanye's said that he wants to be bigger than Wal-Mart and this could be the answer. Failing that, the Albany NY Wal-Mart store is 187,000 square feet so he could ask Kimmel to get him a hella lot of croissants. Dear Kanye, if you need a business adviser, just call.

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