We're kicking off 2014 by looking at all the high jinks occurring at this week's London Collections Men. I've barely had time to digest those mince pies and run off the quality street but the detox has to be put off a week because we're celebrating how exciting menswear is at the moment. London Collections Men is more than an excuse for me to hang around male models and top up my prosecco levels (although I obviously don't mind doing it), as menswear is finally having its moment as it embraces this time like a man let out of prison at a rave.

One of the most refreshing things about menswear and LCM is that it's still pretty new, especially when compared to womenswear, and so it has a sense of freedom and potential. It all kicked off yesterday with Craig Green providing a collection that made harnesses outside of the bedroom look like an excellent plan (really) whilst Bob Adley scared us all out of the Monday haze with his nightmarish take on Disney - those mouth shields are bloody terrifying! One creative so and so, Adley's put us all off a trip to Disneyland, pink in the spotlight and his bear blog deserves multiple rounds of applause.

This morning J W Anderson's boys in platforms had vertically challenged chaps - plus everybody else - taking notes and with the inclusion of those floral jackets it seems Anderson is pushing those gender stereotypes, which is good, because I want to wear most of what I've seen! Studio Raeburn has providedthe backpack and a hardcore shearling coat in a collection with an Icelandic vibe. Iceland is the coolest destination at the moment - the country not the place you buy frozen Greggs - fjords are fashionable and Raeburn noticed. Other treats included Astrid Anderson's collection resembling a Missy Elliot video (what's not to love) and Jonathan Saunders' done stuff with colouring and tailoring that makes you want to weep tears of joy. What a good start! London Collections Men's always feels a little anarchic (here's looking at you Matthew Miller and Liam Hodges) and provides a wealth of creativity in an industry that doesn't seem to be taking itself too seriously. Raising a glass to a week of gasps, laughs, eyebrow raises and the Daily Mail practically combusting with horror.