It's probably the tomboy in me that made me practically jump out of my seat when I saw the latest Lonely Hearts Badsville A/W 13 lookbook. The teenage girl who used to jump on a train to catch hardcore bands in Manchester, hiding from a ticket inspector in a grisly train toilet and sneaking cans of cheap cider into venues with sticky floors, high fived the nearest (weirded out) stranger. Those were the days though. Those were the days of layering band tees over baseball tops, undercuts and underskirts, vans worn with sundresses covered in burn marks, army jackets, grass stains, flesh tunnels and ripped lace...

Anyway that's enough about my teens, it's not somewhere I should delve too far back into to be honest. Back to the more sanitary subject of adult fashion; this collection proves that matching doesn't have to mean prim and a pretty dress juxtaposed with a boyish cap or sneaker will always look cute. There's a definite nod towards grunge with the loose layering, 90's references with the strong zips and velvet. Punk's also given the nod with the use of tartan and leopard print but the cliché bullet with softer and more cheerful colour combos and fabrics.

At risk of getting a bit fashion talky in a way that can often leave one sat at a table looking into a lonely abyss, I will say one final thing. This collection makes me want to make a den, read Goosebumps, watch Jurassic Park and listen to Black Flag. Feel free to judge, I don't care.

Head here to view the collection.

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