It's pretty fair to say that I don't usually struggle to form an opinion, and having been through quite a few Christmas', I know what I like (everything apart from the adverts and hangovers). One thing I can never get my head around though is the Christmas jumper. It's as divisive as say marmite or eggnog, but personally I just don't know if it's a nice fun way of showing everyone you can be zany and get into the festive spirit or just an easily repeated Christmas mistake like doing Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas' on the karaoke at work's Christmas party or washing down mince pies with two pints of baileys.

It's kind of the pug of jumpers, ugly, but that's why people love them. Is it strictly embarrassing dancing uncle territory, trying too hard to look cutesy, or is the Christmas jumper ironic and, dare I say it, cool? Wu-Tang Clan are selling their own version (seriously), so maybe it has cred after all. Kanye and Snoop Dogg are fans; makes sense as Hip Hop is often associated with excess, so Christmas is to these guys what Halloween is to goths. Uncle Frank's marvel in Home Alone is a defining garment from any nineties child's youth and it's hard not be enamoured by the Bill Murray tribute hoodie, although it's arguable not really a jumper. Murray Christmas everybody!

What I really want is for the Christmas jumper to retain its innocence, its lovely crapness. The whole mainstream highstreet take on what was once a home-made item is a bit nauseating, especially when they think you're going to fork out a wedge of cash for a jumper you can get about three days max wear out of whilst not being sure you like it. The celebratory endorsement is pretty cringe too. Harry Styles as an elf, Justin Bieber with his snowflakes - pass me the sherry . What's next? Robin Thicke in a Santa-themes one, getting ladies to sit on his knee. People, don't use a novelty jumper to compensate for a lack of personality. Some people, well mainly Jon Snow, rock it with a sleigh-full of amazing. Watch and learn.

Maybe I'm just bitter because my knitting skills aren't (and aren't likely to) reach this prestige level. If someone knitted me one I'd probably wear it though. Maybe if you accidentally tipped mulled wine down it, it wouldn't be such a shame. Maybe it's an excuse to buy or make another. I just don't know anymore...