It got all unusually sunny at the weekend which leaves one pondering clothing options when things get hot and sweaty. When it comes to our feet it seems canvas pumps will never go away. It will continue to evolve as it's rebranded, redesigned, re-styled and re-loved. This footwear's been around through multiple generations, fads and fashion forays, and there are many reasons for this.

The original plimsolls date back to the late 1800s but later Charle's Goodyear invented vulcanisation (sealing rubber onto material) which saw the start of what we know today. The companies making up U.S. Rubber became better known as Keds. In 1935 Converse's first canvas tennis shoe (made for Jack Purcell) became the shoe du jour for young Hollywood stars making them somewhat popular with the masses too and throughout the 1950s these shoes were adopted as being rebellious and youthful. Many brands joined in, with Adidas, Nike, Skechers, K-Swiss, Spring Court, Puma, Dunlop, Head, New Balance et al offering their own take. The list of brands is enormous and ever growing. The original Keds had their heyday in the '70s but were stampeded by Converse, Vans and Etnies, who dominated in the '90s - worn with baggy jeans and hoodies by pink haired yoofs hanging around skate parks.  

Keds had a bit of a resurgence in the 2000s, along with Springcourt, Vans and Converse becoming less dominant. Alexa Chung's work with Italian brand Superga saw their sudden rise up the ranks in a somewhat unexpected spotlight moment in 2011. Toms simple iconic slip-ons can be seen everywhere come summer and they started when founder Blake Mycoskie met some Argentinian children and realise how many children living in poverty need shoes. Each pair bought helps to provide basic clothing for somebody in need and this has certainly captured hearts with over 10million shoes given out since last summer. It's also a great excuse to buy shoes (not that we need one really).

So what about 2014 then? Well, along with the Vans resurgence we are going to see simple well-made casual shoes across parks and pavements throughout summer. We have even newer kids on the block like EYTYS. They're based in Stockholm so we know that there will be some seriously chic minimal design going on and the shoe at the centre of a multi-disciplinary project to showcase creativity proves that a year's fine tuning can certainly pay off in terms of functionally and aesthetics. They are proportionally perfect and come in a range of materials, some striking patterns and accessible colour-ways. Maison Kitsune has created a failsafe white pair too, which are totally stripped back but with quality detailing like the gold eyelets. They're not cheap but will definitely put in some mileage as the go-to shoe for summer, making them cost-per-wear savvy. Slip-ons are also a fail-safe purchase this season and if you're not tempted by Vans then YMC offer some sturdy ones in a great range of colours and patterns. The graphic printed ones have a grid pattern that is a key pattern at the moment. French brand No Name have teamed up with super chic French label Carven to create a canvas shoe that is to footwear what Truffaut was to cinema; fresh, seemingly simple but at the same time proving layers in which you discover fanciful elements. This shoe has something going on that you can't quite pinpoint and, at the same time, you enjoy not being able to do so. Thick soled, stunningly patterned, wide stitched and as pleasant on the eye as the Seine at sunset.

H&M's design focussed luxe brand, And Other Stories, have started stocking Vans, well and truly giving this brand a big seal of approval that will see them become highly covetable. This year we're going to see Vans pretty much everywhere, like the Roshe Run of canvas footwear. Shoes that have, in the past, been associated with '90s adolescents and skateboarders will in 2014 be worn by fully fledged adult humans with more formal items like cropped trousers or shift dresses. Similarly, if pattern feels a bit much for your signature style then may I suggest the simple white pump? Chaps; for how to wear inspiration look towards the likes of Bradley Cooper and Tinie Tempah, who recently teamed there's with suits and were the walking equivalents to a finger snap.

It's fair to say that life's changed a fair old bit since the '90s. We don't have to come off the internet whilst somebody makes a landline call for starters. We now have new problems like trying to grow out an undercut, accidentally left swiping a hottie on tinder or the takeaway app crashing when you're craving hangover pizza. So yeah, they're not really problems. One actual real problem remains though; what to wear on our feet in summer. Sometimes you just don't want to expose those tootsies to all and sundry but sweaty trainer induced athlete's foot is less appealing. This is when canvas footwear steps in and saves the day like Batman with a rubber sole. Your feet put in a lot work so treat them properly if and when it heats up.