It's not easy being Hedi. His Spring/Sumer 14 Saint Laurent collection has just had a very frosty reception after its show in Paris, so it looks like he's decided to throw his toys out of the pram. At the receiving end is Paris based retailer Colette who have just learned what happens when a joke backfires.

Saint Laurent is severing ties with Colette, a move said to have been provoked by a t-shirt that parodies Slimane's decision to drop Yves from Yves Saint Laurent. Designed by Reason the t-shirt reads "Ain't Laurent Without Yves." Colette's Creative Director, Sarah Andelman responded to the New York Times by saying "We were loyal and for me it was a nice relationship," Andelman continued. "I can't believe this is just for a stupid T-shirt."

Hedi is yet to respond... or laugh.

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