There are few things that remind me of childhood clothing more than Fruit of the Loom's logo. Whether it was the t-shirt with my face printed on it or the one with a t-rex in a hat, my favourite t-shirts all seemed to be produced by or in conjunction with this iconic brand. Sadly those t-shirt's are too small now but I do still have a sweater with a sleepy kitten and a t-shirt with a foot diagram printed on it by good old F.O.T.L.

With 150 year's experience under their belts, Fruits of the Loom are presenting a new premium line called Seek No Further. It's one of those punchy yet slightly obscure names that seems to be in vogue at the moment, like H&M's higher end line And Other Stories. Inspired by yesterday's visionaries, today's trailblazers and tomorrow's innovators, they're ticking all the boxes and the website is coming soon. Couldn't come soon enough!