Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with a computer in Spike Jonze's latest film Her. Who'd have thought this would inspire a fashion collection but, well, this is Spike Jonze, the director responsible for Being John Malkovich and a host of music videos for the likes of Bjork, Jay Z and Kanye, Arcade Fire, Beastie Boys... Basically, he couldn't make an unfashionable film if he tried.

Jonze has had a long and healthy relationship with New York label Opening Ceremony so they have created capsule collection inspired by the film's protagonist, Theodore Twombly. From the trailer it looks like we're going to see a kind of dapper geek chic, with blazers, layered jumpers and high-waisted pants a plenty. Designed by fashion's coolest duo Carol and Humberto, who have worked some real magic at Parisian label Kenzo recently, it will definitely have a modern edge; a kind of hot geography teacher on a school trip to New York vibe perhaps. I sure wish Joaquin was my geography teacher...

Anyhow, the collection launches in December, so just in time for Christmas. If there's one thing to learn from this film it's that no matter how stylish you are, if you find yourself longing to hear Siri's voice then you better get out more.

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