Stylish turtles and great soundtracks are a winning combination this week. No I haven't completely lost it completely (cough) I'm talking about Ada Zanditon's latest fashion film. For me Ada Zanditon ticks all the boxes; her signature designs are very wearable but also bound to turn heads, her prints and use of colour is alchemic, her fabrics and processes ethical and she makes some cracking fashion films.

Directed by Thomas Knights, Ada's latest S/S 14 video She Who Changes is visually stunning and has the added bonus of a track preview of Karin Park's haunting track Opium. The film was debuted at London Fashion week to a very chirpy reception that was not just from the free bubbles.

For her S/S 14 collection Ada recollects her travels in Sri Lanka with patterns and palates taken from her water colours and ink sketches, inspired by the colourful surroundings. The video, which was crowd funded through Audacity of Fashion, portrays the goddess of turtles. Now who knew turtles could be style icons! Guess they have been around long enough to be considered classics and leather never goes out of fashion.

Ada's no stranger to successful collaborations; the swimwear is collaboration with Aurelia and the video also features the unique jewellery of Modular Minds.

If you plan to spend next summer floating about in a warm ocean then, well, good for you frankly. Ada's designed swimwear to transform you from sea urchin into a mermaid so you've no excuse for scaring any fish. If, like me, you're probably going to just be running around a cold UK city (soaking up the sympathy here guys) in the seasonal pouring rain these prints are going to put a much needed spring in your step. Just don't be getting any ideas and jumping in any puddles, you wouldn't want to ruin these stunning frocks now would you.

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